Feedyard Survives Tornado

April, 2012:

Picking up and starting fresh, it’s something that can be tough to do on your own.  “You can’t do it by yourself.  We couldn’t do it with the crew that we had,” said Kevin Dwyer with Sellers Feedlot.

Luckily for the business, the Rice County community is helping them clean up after Saturday’s tornado.  “Unbelievable amount of support and help from the community and from the other feed yards in the county,” he said.

Dwyer adds it may take a month just to cleanup the debris.  And while they don’t know how much it will cost to repair everything, they consider themselves lucky that things weren’t any worse for the 12,000 cattle on site.  “So to make it through that event with no injuries to people or cattle is almost a miracle…so we were very very very blessed,” he said.

Sellers wasn’t the only place hit hard by the storm.  The Rice County jail also suffered at least $100,000 in damage.  The county transported all 62 inmates to other sites because the gas line ruptured.  Inmates will be brought back to help with the cleanup, but it will be a while before the jail is usable.