Cattle Welfare

BQA Handling

All employees are Beef Quality Assurance certified to ensure cattle are handled properly at all times.


We participate in a self-auditing network to guarantee your beef is safe, well cared-for & sustainably raised.

Rider Checks

Our experienced cowboy crew makes daily horseback rides through each pen, checking for potential health issues in your cattle.

Health Protection

Upon arrival, all cattle go through processing. This includes vaccinations, dewormers and a comprehensive implant program.

We treat your cattle like you treat your cattle.


Frequent Contact

Throughout the feeding period, you'll receive consistent updates from the management at Sellers Feedlot. We're here to help.

Regular Updates

You will receive semi-monthly reports with information on your cattleā€™s consumption, health, movement and expenses.

Exit Analysis

After shipping, we send a close-out report, providing average daily gain, feed conversion, quality grade, yield grade and comprehensive carcass data.

Financial Flexibility

We offer financing options for both feed and cattle, as one of our in-house services. For additional information, please contact our team.

Customers are kept in the loop, from start to finish.


Ration Scheduling

Cattle are fed specially formulated rations three times per day, for peak efficiency and performance. Consumption is monitored closely, and rations progress over time.

Regular Health Checks

Our consulting nutritionist & veterinarian visit the yard regularly to help ensure that cattle receive properly formulated diets, helping our team maximize production.

We work hard to improve your cattle.


Yard Maintenance

Proper pen maintenance is vital to maximizing performance throughout the changing of seasons during the year.

Insect Reduction

Sellers Feedlot uses a safe, biological pest control agent to minimize fly populations within the yard.